This year, remember who you are and who you can be!

A moment of gratitude

Time for you to welcome in the new year! A traditional time for turning, new beginnings, planning and letting go. A lot of people would instinctively like to turn their backs on the previous year. But before you do that, I invite you to take some time to reflect and acknowledge all the positivity which happened, given the challenges presented in 2020 affecting everyone’s life in one way or another. Despite the challenges, many people coped with their individual situations by drawing on their own strengths, becoming resourceful and making connections in a practical or spiritual sense.

So before you start making new plans or go into this year without any, I invite you to take some time to look back over the past year and list your achievements, positive situations, loving relationships, happy moments and inner learnings. What do you feel proud of? How have your grown in the past year? What strengths did you find? How did you use them? How can you put your strengths to use now and in the future?

Remember your achievements, big or small, they all matter and act as building blocks to growing your confidence, resilience and self-belief. Congratulate yourself on finding the courage to get through to today and remember your capabilities when it comes to making plans for yourself and your life going forward. Welcome to 2021!